KFC Cheezy Bacon Famous Bowl

KFC Cheezy Bacon Famous Bowl

When KFC started offering Famous Bowl here in the Philippines in 2006, I liked it because it was a complete meal during my call center days. But then, they discontinued this food item but have them returned a few years ago.

My husband and I decided to eat at the KFC Dahlia branch here in Fairview, Quezon City. As usual, I ordered a Famous Bowl meal. Unfortunately, it’s not available. However, they’re offering the Cheezy Bacon Famous Bowl which is one of the items in their Cheezy Bacon Fest promo.

I don’t see anything wrong with cheese and bacon so I agreed. So my husband paid for the Cheezy Bacon Famous Bowl meal which includes a glass of unsweetened iced tea for Php 100.00.

It was two years ago that KFC started offering unsweetened iced tea. They usually serve a separate syrup packet in case you need to sweeten the drink.

The order came in a 250 ml plastic container with mashed potato covered in a cheese sauce and topped with bacon bits and three pieces of Fun Shots. (KFC calls their chicken popcorns Fun Shots.)

Unlike the original Famous Bowl, this cheesy version doesn’t have corn, gravy, and grated cheese. I would understand that because corn and gravy don’t go with bacon.

The cheese sauce is yellow-orange and the first thing that entered my mind is any bottled cheese spread like Chiz Whiz or Cheezee. Then I saw that the bacon bits were well fried and I assumed they were crunchy.

However, I was disappointed. The bacon bits were so dry and not crunchy. In fact, it took me a hard time chewing it. And it doesn’t even taste like the bacon that I’m used to.

Good thing that my husband also ordered a small box of Fun Shots because he knew that the three pieces would not be enough for me.

I tried my best to finish the whole bowl. Probably because the cheese sauce and the bacon bits made me cloy.

When I got home, and before writing this piece, I checked KFC’s website and found out that the bacon bits are not real bacon but chicken bacon bits. I’m not sure if the crew mentioned this to my husband. Just mentioning “cheezy bacon” immediately we assume that the bacon is the fried thin pork belly strip that we’re used to. Now I understand why the bacon bits were too dry and chewy.

I don’t think I’ll order this again. Overall, I’m going to rate this as 2 out of 5 stars.

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