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Star Stack blog focuses on my own reviews of books, films, food, games, and other products. I rate these using 5 stars as follows:

  • 5 stars = Excellent
  • 4 stars = Very Good
  • 3 stars = Satisfactory
  • 2 stars = Needs Improvement
  • 1 star = Poor

All of my reviews here are personal and were never solicited by any company, agency, or person. If ever there are any affiliate links, I’ll let you know. 

About Me 

I’m a former medical technologist and nurse. I’m now working from home in Quezon City, Metro Manila as an author and freelance writer for hire. I have another website which serves as my portfolio.

I have been writing since 2000 after winning in a screenplay writing contest. I’ve been employed for more than 24 years in various industries — healthcare, entertainment, sales, BPO, quality assurance, education, etc. 

In 2012, I decided to become an solo authorpreneur and started working online. Since then, most of my projects cater to articles, blogs, and web content. I usually work with small, start-up companies helping them to create a web presence that rocks.

When I got my own website in 2016, I started writing about my own opinion on almost everything — books, films, food, and events. Little did I realize that this could be my new-found niche in writing. So, I decided to create Star Stack blog.

Get in touch with me using the Contact page. I’m happy to have you around.